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The world's best-selling dampening roller cover which has been sold for more than 40 years. New Mol is most durable and cost saving as it can be used repeatedly for a long time.


Excellent Water Receptivity and Absorption Characteristics

Made of special synthetic fibers with excellent water handling characteristics in order to hold the ideal amount of water and supply exactly the right amount of water to the printing plates. Precise water absorption eliminates dot distortion and yields beautiful printing results.

Superb Stretching Giving Simple Attachment

Wetting with water causes the cover to shrink, to fit the rubber roller like a glove and eliminate looseness and twisting. NEW MOL has greatly simplified the effort involved in attachment and removal.

No Fluff Stripping

The special synthetic fibers used in the lower layer of the NEW MOL shrink on contact with water, completely fixing the fibers on the surface to entirely eliminate fluff-stripping. NEW MOL solves the problem of white lint and specks due to particles from the molleton cover and guarantees beautiful printing results.

Excellent Wear Resistance  

The covers have excellent wear resistant properties due to their fine weave and unique finishing process. The NEW MOL can be used in its optimum condition over a long period of time as even high-speed, long-run operations will not cause texture pattern problems.  

Difficult to Stain

The high water receptivity makes it difficult for ink to adhere to the cover and, should the cover becomes stained, the ink is very easy to clean off.

Easy to Clean

The high water receptivity makes it difficult for ink to adhere to the cover and, should the cover become soiled, the ink is very easy to clean off again.

Great Dimensional Adaptability

The NEW MOL has such great flexibility in matching rubber roller diameter, that it could be justifiably described as a "one size fits all". When NEW MOL is used for the first time, it is not necessary to recover the rubber rollers.


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