Calcium Fix


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Rp 380.000


Decalcifying Gel

Cleaning paste which removes stubborn calcium contamination on ink rollers. BöttcherPro Calciumfix solves glazing, which results from paper lint residues, as well.


  • based on solvents, acids and auxiliaries
  • flash point > 100 °C
  • water miscible, free of aromatics and CFC´s
  • good cleaning performance for removing calcium contamination and paper lint residues
  • restores the original roughness and colour pick-up of the rollers
  • easy application by tube
  • regular application (once weekly) prevents calcium built-up on ink rollers
  • prolongs roller life
  • may also be applied to ink rollers for UV-printing (EPDM)


After washing with a Böttcher roller wash, apply BöttcherPro Calciumfix easily from the tube on the roller, with the roller running slowly. The dissolving process will be completed after 3 to 5 minutes, then the roller should be washed with water and cleaning agent. For manual use or for use in automatic washing devices. Repeat as necessary.

Package 0,5 kg tube