Graf O Sicc


Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Rp 345.000



An oxygen-active drying agent suitable for addition to all offset inks which require drying by oxidation For printed work demanding rapid and secure drying combined with good rub resistance


- compensates for emulsified fountain solution

- speeds up drying process by activated oxygen

- fast and thorough drying of the ink film, even on foils and nonabsorbent materials

- improves rub resistance due to faster drying of the offset inks

- will not dry or cake in the can, does not form a skin, thus economical in use

Recommended dosage:

At least 3 % to the offset printing ink. In special cases (extremely long drying time) up to 5 %.


use GRAF-O-SICC for:

- all folding cartons and package printings

- printing on polyethylene, PVC and all other plastics

- printing on aluminium foil and vacuum metallised papers

- printing on Syntosil, Polyart and other synthetic papers

- printing on bronze coated or color coated papers and boards, such as e.g. Chromolux-Metallic

- processing of gold inking primer - processing of gold and silver printing inks

- printing onto matt coated papers to obtain improved rub resistance.

You may find other applications for the use of GRAF-O-SICC Please let us know how this printing aid has helped you.


Carton with 12 cans of 650 g